Start-rite has been selling shoes for a very long time but it is important to understand the fundamental differences between the fitting of Start-rite shoes in comparison to other brands like Clarks and the other brands that provide width fittings.

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How do I choose the right fitting for Start-rite Shoes?

Luckily the brand sell fitting gauges on their website. These are inexpensive pieces of kit that you can buy from the website and can be delivered to your home. You can then check the fitting of your children’s feet in the comfort of your own home before setting out to buy the footwear either in the shop or online. Perfect for shopping on the web as the element of chance is far reduced giving you peace of mind during important shopping decisions, such as back to school or shopping for Christmas or birthday presents.

Start-rite Small Fitting Gauge - Click To View

Start-rite Small Fitting Gauge – Click To View

Start-rite Large Fitting Guage - ClickTo View

Start-rite Large Fitting Gauge – Click To View

When you buy one of these gauges take a look at the Startrite fitting guide on the brand’s website this will give you all of the information you need to buy the right shoes for your child’s feet.

Alternatively you can also download a paper gauge to check the size of your child’s feet. This can be printed off so please make sure you have a printer to do so!

Start-rite shoes, download a paper fitting gauge

Just note when doing all of this that you do not confuse Clarks fitting with Start-rite. They are different! and always have been. They can be as much as half a size difference and the fittings for Start-rite shoes are narrower. So your little girl could be a 9½ in Clarks and a 9 in Start-rite.  boy could be a G in one and an H in another so do not confuse the two brands thinking that just because they are British, they will be the same because they will not be!

Start-rite shoe size conversion charts

If you are buying abroad and want to buy in European sizes then the first thing to understand is that the shoes are made on UK lasts (The internal form the shoe is made on). These do not match the EU sizing perfectly. You will need to consult the charts below especially if you are not buying a fitting gauge.

Start-rite Shoes UK to EU Continental Size Conversion Chart

How to convert Start-rite shoes from UK to continental sizes

Now read on how to fit the Start-rite shoes in our easy to follow guide:

Guide To Fitting Start-rite Shoes – a Step By Step Guide