If you have been a proper shoe shop recently you will have seen how expert some staff are in fitting children’s shoes. This is something that you can do at home with the simple guide below. We have set up this very simple to follow step by step guide which will help you fit your child’s shoes. Of course it all looks so easy with the serene child in the photos and yours may not be in the right frame of mind. Most kids love to try on their new footwear but try and get them settled, maybe flick the TV on, give them an iPad or toy to play with and follow these 8 steps below.

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Fitting Start-rite shoes step 1


Help Your Child Put The Shoes On – remove the shoes from the box and remove all of the packaging. Engage with your child by opening the shoes as wide as possible with him/her and helping them put the shoes on their feet.

  • Talk about the shoes to keep your child engaged
  • Let your child do the work but help them if they get stuck
  • Remark on how nice they look

Fitting Start-rite shoes step 2


Check if the shoe is gripping – ask your child to continue sitting as she will want to jump right up!

  • Hold the back of the shoe with your cupped hand
  • Gently pull on the shoe and push back upwards
  • Check if the shoe is gripping to the back of the heel
  • Make sure it is not gripping too tightly

Fitting Start-rite shoes step 3


Ask your child to stand in the shoes – jump up off the chair and stand with feet together like a soldier!

  • Ask your child to stand still for a moment!
  • Check around the top of both shoes with your finger
  • Check that there aren’t any gaps
  • Concentrate on the heel area as well to see there are no gaps

Fitting Start-rite shoes step 4


Feel around the ankle bone – ask you child to stand there for a few moments longer

  • It’s hard we know but maybe in fornt of the TV or holding a toy
  • Check the top line of the shoes does not touch the ankle bone
  • Many Start-rite shoes have a padded collar, they are designed to add comfort
  • The collar will be soft and supportive so will hug the ankle but not too tightly

Fitting Start-rite shoes step 5


Feel the top of each shoe – while still standing, OK they can have a little rest!

  • Use your thumb and forefinger to feel where the longest toe is
  • Apply a gentle pressure without hurting your child
  • Make sure that you are not pressing at the very end of the shoe as this is harder with the toe puff inside which will make feeling difficult.

Fitting Start-rite shoes step 6


Feel the sides of each shoe – hold the shoes between thumb and forefinger and feel the sides

  • You should not feel any pressure along the sides of the shoe
  • Check for bulges as there should not be any
  • The widest part of the shoe should house the widest part of the foot

Fitting Start-rite shoes step 7


Rub your thumb across the top of each shoe – with your hand slightly upside down, see pic

  • Push down slightly and rub from side to side
  • You will feel a slight rippling of the material but it should not feel too loose
  • The shoe is too narrow if there is no movement at all
  • If you can actually wrinkle the leather then the shoe is too wide

Fitting Start-rite shoes step 8


Ask you child to walk away from you wearing the shoes – finally they can relax and straut in their new shoes!

  • Watch for gaping at the sides of the shoes which would indicate they are too big
  • The shoes should not slip off the heel while they walk.
  • Ask the child to walk back towards you as well while you observe the shoes
  • If you can see nothing wrong, you are all done!

I hope this has helped you to decide the best fitting for your child so you get the most from you pair of Start-rite !

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